Habits of Highly Effective People

7 habits of highly effective peopleNo matter how many motivational videos you watch. your motivation and excitement level will fade away after some time. and in the end you will again start doing things according to your “habits” as humans are creatures of habits and its really difficult for us to change them but before that we should know what habits we have to change or develop in our self. Because getting our habits right can mean the difference between success and failure not only in our personal lives, but also our professional lives, and in the communities in which we live. today I’m going to share with you the 7 habits that will make you a really effective person.

Habit 1. Be proactive at a restaurant a cockroach came a sat on a lady she started screaming in fear. with a panic face and trembling voice she started jumping with both her hands trying to get off the cockroach. her reaction was contagious which made everyone in her group also panic. The lady finally managed to push the cockro…

Health Detection and Prevention

Health care  Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that cause illness ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases such as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome .

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is a new strain that was discovered in 2019 and has not been previously identified in humans.

Coronaviruses are zoonotic, meaning they are transmitted between animals and people.  Detailed investigations found that  was transmitted from civet cats to humans and  from dromedary camels to humans. Several known coronaviruses are circulating in animals that have not yet infected humans. 

Common signs of infection include respiratory symptoms, fever, cough, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties. In more severe cases, infection can cause pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome, kidney failure and even death. 
Standard recommendations to prevent infection spread include regular hand washing, covering mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing…

How To Win Friends And Influence People

How To Win Friends And Influence People 
Eight Things This Book Will Help You Achieve1. Get out of a mental rut, think new thoughts, acquire new               visions, discover new ambitions.
2. Make friends quickly and easily.3. Increase your popularity.4. Win people to your way of thinking.5. Increase your influence, your prestige, your ability to get things              done.
6. Handle complaints, avoid arguments, keep your human contacts              smooth and pleasant.
7. Become a better speaker, a more entertaining conversationalist.8. Arouse enthusiasm among your associates

Part 1 - Fundamental Techniques In Handling People
• 1 - "If You Want to Gather Honey, Don't Kick Over the Beehive"
• 2 - The Big Secret of Dealing with People
• 3 - "He Who Can Do This Has the Whole World with Him. He Who
Cannot, Walks a Lonely Way"
• Eight Suggestions On How To Get The Most Out Of This Book
Part 2 - Six Ways To Make People Like You
• 1 - Do This and You'll Be Welc…

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Rich Dad Poor DadIf you were to stop working, imagine this to yourself.How long can you survive on your remaining savings?What I just asked you was a definition of wealth? Robert Kiyosaki was born in Hilo Hawaii in April 1947. in 1957 at age nine years
old, little Robert was attending the same public school where the rich people sent
their children for his town had lots of doctors, business owners, and bankers
Robert saw that the rich kids would separate themselves from him for his
family wasn't able to afford the newest collections of toys and bikes like them.

So one day Robert asked his father who had PhD completed multiple
universities with excellent degrees, "Dad, can you tell me how to get rich?"
Unfortunately, his dad didn't know the right answer because he was a rich
himself, so he responded with, "Well, use your head, son." "Stay in school, get good
grades so you could find a safe and secured job. His real dad is what he'll be
referred as …

Indian scientist and innovator Dr. Vikram Ambalal Sarabhai

Dr. Vikram Ambalal Sarabhai
( 1919 – 1971)
He was an Indian scientist and innovator widely regarded as the father of India's space programme. Sarabhai received the Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize in 1962. He was honoured with the Padma Bhushan in 1966 and the Padma Vibhushan  in 1972.
Personal LifeSon of Ambalal Sarabhai, he came from the famous Sarabhai family of India who were major industrialists committed to the Indian independence movement. Vikram Sarabhai married the classical dancer Mrinalini . The couple had two children. His daughter Mallika gained prominence as an actress and activist, and his son Kartikeya Sarabhai too became an active person in science. During his lifetime, he practiced Jainism Professional lifeKnown as the cradle of space sciences in India, the Physical Research Laboratory  was founded in 1947 by Vikram Sarabhai.PRL had a modest beginning at his residence, with research on cosmic rays.