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Habits of Highly Effective People

7 habits of highly effective people No matter how many motivational videos you watch. your motivation and excitement level will fade away after some time. and in the end you will again start doing things according to your “habits” as humans are creatures of habits and its really difficult for us to change them but before that we should know what habits we have to change or develop in our self. Because getting our habits right can mean the difference between success and failure not only in our personal lives, but also our professional lives, and in the communities in which we live. today I’m going to share with you the 7 habits that will make you a really effective person. Habit 1. Be proactive at a restaurant a cockroach came a sat on a lady she started screaming in fear.  with a panic face and trembling voice she started jumping with both her hands trying to get  off the cockroach. her reaction was contagious which made everyone in her group also panic